Read Everything you need to know about Rokunetwork, a decentralized platform built on the Binance Smartchain.

What Is Rokunetwork?

Rokunetwork is a decentralised platform built using Binance Smart Contract which allows you more control over your data. You

You can Upload your music, Listen to new music as a user, Share a post in our community and earn ROKUCOINS for it.

We offer our community an exclusive and fully gamified user experience.

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Token contract: 0x37e5598207c5bcd179951f6cea785dd797a60ff6
Total Supply: 100,000 ROK (ROKUCOINS)
– Circulating Supply: ~25000 ROK

🔒 Team & Founder tokens
🔒 Locked Marketing tokens
🔒 Pancake Swap liquidity (Pancakeswap)


A decentralized music streaming platform where artists can earn from their song streams and users can also earn from their streaming activities


Governance token built on the binance smart chain, which will be used on the entire roku ecosystem to facilitate payments, royalty rewards and revenue streams.


A fully decentralized community which allows users more control over their data and privacy unlike regular centralized social media platforms

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