Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roku Network?

Rokunetwork is a fully decentralized interoperability ecosystem built on the binance smartchain, giving users the ability to control and manage their data without centralization restrictions.

What Features Does Rokunetwork Have?

The Rokunetwork Decentralized ecosystem encompasses

Rokumusic: a decentralized audio and podcast streaming platform that gives users complete control over their privacy.

Rokucoin: Symbol (ROK) is the governance token of Rokunetwork used in facilitating payments and other decisions made by the Rokunetwork Ecosystem

RokuCommunity: A fully decentralized social media platform which allows users more conrol than regualr centralized social networking platforms

Do you offer support incase I get stuck?

Absolutely! You reach our 24/7 support team using the contact form on our platform, and one of our support team can assist you further.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is a process of issuing a token for an organization, person or other set purposes. A token can work as a share, be a payment currency or become a unit packed to a debt or loan. The technological research suggests that tokenization could be the next revolution after the introduction of the Internet. Read more about tokenization On Harvard Faculty Research.

Why Was ROKUNETWORK Started?

We started this project as most internet users are worried about their privacy, We prides ourself as we give our users full control of their data and be able to monetize their content while also being able to express themselves.

Can I Invest In ROKUNETWORK Project?

Yes, you can invest by purchasing ROKUCOIN which is the core of the ROKUNETWORK platform. Want to purchase ROKUCOIN? Click Here

Where can I buy ROKUCOIN?

ROK (Rokucoin) can be purchased during the ROK ICO Launchpad at the ICO website. We strongly recommend to use the website as the investment medium due to its security and liquidity.

You Can Also Buy On The Exchanges below.

📈 Pancake Swap

When ROK will be listed on more exchanges?

ROKUCOIN will be listed at 10 more exchanges including the major ones before the second Quarter of 2021

How Do I Know That I’M Not Being Scammed?

Always check and verify our contract address 0x37e5598207c5bcd179951f6cea785dd797a60ff6 Before making any transaction. Verify the Contract On BSCscan.

*Please Note* We will never message you first, Any one that messages you first claiming to be an Advisor of ROKUNETWORK is a Scammer, Delete and block him immediately.

For More Clarity, Check Out Our Team Here.

Is ROKUCOIN Mineable?

No, ROKUCOIN is premined and is distributed according to our whitepaper. You cannot mine ROK as it is Limited in supply.

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