How To Buy Rokucoin

Ever since its Development, Rokunetwork has shown huge prospects. As a result, ROKUCOIN (ROK) – its token, has appreciated in value as well.

In this post we will guide you how to purchase ROKUCOINS.

If You want to buy with BNB, Click here and see the official guide on how to Buy BNB

1: Download & Binance Smart Chain Wallet or Click here to Install The Chrome Extension On Your Browser

Android Users Can Download & Install Metamask On Their Phone

See The Metamask Setup Guide

*Remember To Change Your Metamask To Binance Smart Chain, If you have already done that, Skip this step, If you haven’t Click here for the offcial guide to connecting your MetaMask To Binance Smart Chain.

2: Click Here Head Over To Pancakeswap Exchange (You will see a page like the one below.

3: Connect Your Wallet to MetaMask

4: Choose The Preferred Token You want to swap from, Then enter the amount you want to buy, it will show you the resultant amount of ROK (Rokucoins) you will receive.

5: Swap and get ROK (Rokucoins)

6: Hurray! You now have some ROKUCOINS in your wallet.